CTDEEP (CT Department of Environmental Protection)

CTDEEP is located at 79 Elm Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106-5127, main phone number is 860-424-3011 to get assistance with hunting, fishing, boating, licenses and permits, registration, parks, costs, online licenses and more.

CTDEEP Phone Number?

What is CTDEEP phone number?

CTDEEP phone number where you can get help from one of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection agent is 860-424-3011

What age do you need a fishing license in CT?

Each state has a different minimum age for a fishing license, starting from the age of 10 up to 18 years onle. The minimum age for a fishing license in the state of Connecticut is 16 years old.

Fishing License CT Walmart

Can I buy a fishing license in Walmart in CT?

Yes, you can purchase a fishing license in the sate of Connecticut in both Walmart stores and on the Walmart website online.

CTDEEP Responsibilities

What are CTDEEP responsibilities?

CTDEEP is the state of Connecticut agency that responsibilities for Connecticut natural resources including fishing licenses, hunting licenses, boating licenses, certifications, permits, parks maintenance, natural resources including water, wildlife, safety, courses, educational programs, and legislation.

CTDEEP office is the state of Connecticut agency that is in-charge for hunting, fishing, boating, licenses & permits, registration, parks and more. Please feel free to call the CTDEEP phone number to get assistance with related matters.
This CTDEEP phone number is the best number to reach out to CTDEEP and get help, for free. Please note that your communication/phone operator, may charge you according to your phone agreement.

CTDEEP Address

What is CTDEEP address?

Below you can find CTDEEP address where you can send official mail or visit the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection main office:

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (CTDEEP)
Street: 79 Elm Street
City: Hartford
State: Connecticut
Zip Code: 06106-5127

CTDEEP Website


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Best Parks in the State of Connecticut and Nationwide

What are the best parks in the state of Connecticut and nationwide?

Watch this video to discover the best parks in the state of Connecticut and every National Park in the United States from Yellowstone to Yosemite, Acadia to Zion and every park in between.

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